Bunbury Village Day’s half century

Fifty years ago, a small band of residents decided to reintroduce the traditional village wakes to Bunbury, in the then new guise of Village Day.  This year the “Summer of 69” returns as Bunbury Village Day celebrates its Golden Anniversary on Saturday 22nd June.

Part of the celebration will be a display to illustrate the history of the event from 1969 to 2019.

If you have any photographs, artefacts, props, cine or video of Bunbury Village Day, we would love to hear from you.  You may have a certificate or medal from the fancy dress, sports or tug of war competitions, a ticket or programme. Perhaps you were the Rose Queen or in the retinue and still have your dress. Do you have a veteran or vintage car?

If you have any items that would help to bring the display to life, these items would be most welcome.

Organisers are also trying to trace previous Rose Queens, Rose Queen attendants and committee members. You would form part of the events living history so please email contact@bunbury.info

Further information can be found at www.bunburyvillage.info