Alleviating loneliness in Bunbury village

On 23rd March a newly formed group called ALIVE (Alleviating Loneliness in Village Environments) will be holding a special event in Bunbury Pavilion from 12noon to 3pm.  There is no charge for entry and free refreshments will be provided.

This event will bring together a range of groups and societies who can offer information, advice and support.

With an ageing population increasing year on year there is a hidden epidemic of loneliness across the country. Recent research has shown that there are well over one million lonely people. Silver Line, who link lonely people to a volunteer receive 800 to 1000 calls a day, 365 days a year from people seeking a friendly voice to talk to. For some a phone call once a week is their only contact with the outside world.  The charity estimates they will soon reach over one million calls a year.

Loneliness is bad for people’s health and is fast becoming the hidden killer amongst us. The effect of loneliness is equivalent to smoking fifteen cigarettes a day, it is twice as harmful as obesity and increases the rate of heart disease and dementia. It has already been proven that for every £1 spent on addressing loneliness the health service saves £3.

So what can be done to alleviate this growing problem?

An initiative has already been launched in Chelford where the idea that “nobody who wants company should be without it” was formed.

Organisers hope to provide as much information as possible to enable everyone, the elderly and equally importantly their relatives and friends to have full knowledge of what is on offer to them.

So pop in on the 23rd March and help everyone to become not just “Older but Bolder”.

For further information: tel: 01829 261526 or email: