Tarporley Parish Council Newsletter

Planning Application for 13 Dwellings at Land off Eaton Lane (18/02222/OUT)

The Parish Council doesn’t normally meet during August, however an Extraordinary Meeting was held on 13th August to enable parishioners to share their views on the above planning application which seeks to develop land near the junction of Brook Road and Eaton Lane, on the outskirts of the village.

Over 50 members of the community attended, with many taking the opportunity to speak.  All those who spoke strongly objected to the proposals, echoing many written representations also received by the Council.  The Parish Council has not received any representations in support of the development.

The comments backed up the Parish Council’s resolution (18/495) taken at their meeting on 9th July to object to the application in the strongest terms.  The objections forwarded to the Planning Authority in July have now been further reinforced to include additional comments made by members of the public.

Local CWaC Councillor, Eveleigh Moore-Dutton, reassured the meeting that Tarporley’s Neighbourhood Plan and CWaC’s current housing supply figures put the community in a strong position to object to the proposals which brought no significant community benefit.  She committed to ‘call in’ the Application should Planning Officers recommend approval.  This would mean that the Application would be heard by the Planning Committee, with a further opportunity for her and the Parish Council to put forward their views on it.


New Car Park on Former RBL Site

Readers may have noticed that the new car park is nearing completion.  The developers are not obliged to hand the new facility over to the Parish Council until the first of the 10 new homes is ready for occupation, which could be several months away.  The Parish Council are trying to persuade the developer to allow the village to start using the car park in time for the beginning of the new school term, however the behaviour of some inconsiderate members of the public is making the developer nervous about an early hand over.  Cars have recently been left parked across the site entrance and even within the unfinished car park itself, leading the developer to become concerned that this sort of undisciplined parking could restrict access to his site if the car park is opened.  Please help us to get this facility open early by parking considerately.


Brook Road Outdoor Sports & Recreation

The receipt of Full Planning Permission for the proposed facility to the east of Brook Road, earlier this year, has enabled the Parish Council to push forward with the plans for the site.  There are still significant regulatory approvals to overcome including discharging Planning Conditions, not least in respect of ecological issues, and in dealing with utilities companies and other statutory bodies, however readers can be assured that the funding set aside in the Section 106 agreement is being safely held and is ring-fenced for this development by the legal agreements in place.

The facility most likely represents the single largest investment and most complex project undertaken by the Parish Council in its history and planning work is initially focussed on the site infrastructure, access road, car parking, and playing pitch.  If all goes to plan then it is hoped to start construction activity in the Spring of next year.


Bench Outside St Helen’s Church

The new circular bench outside the church has been damaged for a second time by construction traffic using the driveway between the churchyard and The Swan.  Fortunately, this time, the driver was very honest and reported the damage enabling us to make a claim against his insurers. We apologise that the lovely new bench remains out of use whilst the claim is processed and repairs are commissioned.