Top 3 Most Wanted Winter Beauty Treatments

By Angela Bartlett

Winter is a particularly demanding season for skin, body and nails, but it is also the perfect time for addressing beauty problems that are more challenging to treat during the sunnier months.

 At number one is:

IPL (Intense pulsed light). The winter months, with lower light levels, are the perfect time to get maximum benefit from this treatment. IPL provides long-term hair removal, age spot reduction, red vein removal and skin rejuvenation and is top treatment every winter.

 At number two is short wave diathermy for red vein removal.

The cooler months are an ideal time for the treatment of unsightly red veins on the face. These small broken blood capillaries can creep across your cheeks and nose giving an unwelcome ruddy glow. This treatment becomes very popular during the winter as the cooler temperatures allow the treated capillaries to settle and heal much quicker than during hotter summer months.

 At number three is skin-needling for skin rejuvenation.

Clients find that having micro-needling to stimulate collagen production to give a more youthful appearance easier to manage in the shorter, darker days of winter. This is because there is a ‘downtime’ following treatment of around 24-48 hours when the skin looks slightly reddened.

So don’t delay…November to March is the ideal time to embark on a self-improvement journey. For more information about any of the above treatments please visit the treatment section at