Tarvin’s apple pressing day

Ignoring dire warnings about the weather there was a good turnout for the 3rd annual apple pressing event which took place in Tarvin’s Community Woodland.

Families from the village and further afield brought their apples in bags, buckets and wheelbarrows to be sliced, chopped, pulped and pressed into delicious apple juice.  Willing helpers, young and old, made the event into a good fun day for all, where the children could show their creative skills using woodland materials, with hot dogs, burgers and hot and cold drinks providing appropriate refreshment. Supported by the Tarvin Wildlife Watch and Cheshire Wildlife Trust, the organisers of the event from Tarvin’s own Woodland Trust were rewarded for their hard work by knowing that they had once again tapped into the spirit of village togetherness in their award-winning woodland, given an 8th Green Flag in 2017.