Tarporley Parish Council Newsletter

Drop-in event on Car Parking in the Village

On Saturday morning, 4th November, alongside the Country Market, Councillors will be available in the Committee Room of the Community Centre to share what’s happening on car parking in the village, listen and respond to the increasing concerns being voiced by residents and businesses. Formal consultation led by CWaC on time limited parking on part (not all) of the High Street will be underway, plus CWaC is planning to have published its Parking Strategy. The latter should mean we have some idea of where our issues stack in the Council’s priorities, together with the timeline and process for making any progress.

Car parking has been a longstanding issue in the village, even before housing increased by 25%, and more businesses (and their staff) arrived and successful schools expanded. Something has to be done to increase parking capacity substantially. We believe there are options and, importantly, we mustn’t miss any opportunities as major developments continue to impact the village. In the near term, there is the additional challenge of the Royal British Legion development taking that car park out of action for a period, the Daffodil Field development starting off the High Street/Rising Sun Car park, plus the building works to expand the Primary School.

We have written to CWaC and presented a full Situation Report, and have now met with Senior CWaC staff to ensure they better understand the issues and opportunities we see. We hope to get some feedback before 4 November. Inevitably there will be no easy and cheap solutions, however CWaC highlighted the use of creative ‘pop-up’ car parks in Chester for example.  In Tarporley, progress will require willing Landowners and commitment to finding funding solutions. The Parish Council has already signalled its preparedness to use some of its modest cash reserves but we acknowledge that this will only be a fraction of the funding any scheme will require. Come along on 4 November to give your input and get an update.


Thank-you Rotary!

The efforts of Rotary Club volunteers on 30 September doing a village tidy-up is very much appreciated. Thank-you. For all the efforts to ensure follow-up with the right agencies that do help keep the village in generally good shape, ultimately some campaign efforts by volunteers are needed. Watch this space; your Village needs you!


Grants and Donations

We are pleased to confirm that we were able to support all the 8 village organisations applying for Grants this year with up to £250 each. In addition, we were also particularly excited at the formation of ‘Tarporley Remembers 2018’ to commemorate 100years since the World War One Armistice. The Parish Council resolved to give financial support as the group runs a series of events and activities to mark this important centenary year.


New Parish Councillor

And finally the Parish Council voted unanimously to co-opt Tina Royles onto the Council at their October meeting. Welcome Tina to being a Parish Councillor.