Tarporley Parish Council

Time Limited Parking on the High Street

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) will be formally consulting the local community shortly on plans to introduce time limited parking (of two hours with no return in 2 hours) along parts of the High Street.  The draft plans have been discussed at the Parish Council meeting and although approved by Tarporley Parish Council, they must go through the legal process of consultation by CWAC. It is possible that the marking of the High Street with the required lines will take place before the winter and we know that it will mean that the High Street will be closed to 2 way traffic while this work is undertaken.


Overgrown Hedges

A number of hedges have been cut back in the village by Cheshire West and Chester Council and  local residents.  If your hedge overhangs the pavement and causes pedestrians to walk into the road, please can you cut it back. It is you as the property owner who is responsible for keeping your hedge in check.  It is very dangerous, and especially for people with pushchairs and young children as well as older people on mopeds or wheelchairs, to have to walk on the road.  An audit of the hedges in the village has taken place and the clerk will be writing to all homeowners who have a hedge that is causing an obstruction.


Litter on Community Centre field

The issue of litter on the community centre field, close to the new picnic benches has been raised by a number of residents to the Council.  Both Abbie and Delia (Parish Clerks) have met with Cheshire West and Chester Street Scene Team to discuss additional bins in the area, litter picking and removal of weeds around the play area.  A designated street scene officer will empty the bins every day (except Sunday) and a new bin or additional wheelie bins are under consideration.


Smyle App

Cheshire West and Chester Council have created a new app to use with smartphones for people to report environmental issues in their local area.  Litter, graffiti and broken street lights can all be reported using this app, also with the function of uploading a photograph and this will be sent directly to the Street Scene hub to be logged and assigned to a Street Scene officer to deal with. For more information, please visit www.smyleforcheshirewest.co.uk/help or search for Smyle in either the Google PlayStore or iTunes.


Chestnut Tree

A number of residents have contacted the Parish Council with concerns regarding the Chestnut Tree opposite the Co-Op due to a number of the leaves turning brown and showing signs of disease.  The  Parish Council would like to reassure the community that the Chestnut Tree is being closely monitored by an Arboriculturist and a full inspection report was send to the Council in July.  Other than general maintenance to the tree such as cutting away dead branches, no other action is required.


Film Night

The Rotary Club’s Film night season starts again on Friday September 15th at 7.30 pm at the Community Centre, and continues throughout the year on the second Friday of each month. All are welcome and the money raised goes to charity.