Tarporley Parish Council

August Newsletter

The Parish Council has been asked to promote a scheme to tidy up Tarporley.  It involves residents “adopting” an area of the village and keeping it tidy by picking up any litter or rubbish that has been dropped and businesses doing the same from the front of their premises.  The Council will be writing to businesses requesting support for the scheme and any residents wanting to get involved should contact Abbie or Delia, our parish clerks, at clerk@tarporley.org.uk   The scheme is particularly timely for 2 reasons, firstly, we have received a number of complaints about litter in the village and secondly, we have entered a competition entitled Village of the Year, which is a new TV series presented by Penelope Keith.  She and her team of judges will be visiting villages across the UK to determine the winner.  A prize of £10,000 is available for the winning village to spend on appropriate infrastructure projects and a clean and tidy street scene will help our case.  A meeting has been requested with Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) to ensure they meet their responsibilities in the village such as cutting back overhanging foliage from public footpaths and weeding etc.

A number of complaints have been received concerning residential hedges overhanging pavements and forcing pedestrians to move on to the road to pass them.  Residents are requested to cut back hedges as necessary so that pedestrians can walk along pavements unhindered.


A small number of businesses and residents have reportedly been observed stuffing rubbish into the black public litter bins on the high street and at the Community Centre field thereby filling them up to overflowing much sooner than would ordinarily be the case.  These bins are for public use, not business or household use and the Parish Council asks those concerned to stop this practice immediately.


The doors of the NatWest bank closed for the last time in June.  A limited number of services previously offered by the bank will be provided by the Post Office and they should be contacted for further details.


The project to introduce time limited parking on the High Street and on Eaton Road opposite Bunbury Court is proceeding and the final proposal will be available for public scrutiny and comment in the near future.  Unless significant objections are raised, implementation is expected in October or November.  CWaC are considering a proposal to introduce parking charges in Tarporley.  The Parish Council are opposed to the imposition of such charges because of their harmful effect on local businesses and residents alike and we will be lobbying against them.


A survey of mean speeds in towns and villages across Cheshire has recently been undertaken by CWaC.  The outcome is a proposal that any residential road with a mean speed below 24mph or roads outside schools with a mean speed below 30mph should have a 20mph limit imposed, which would affect a large number of roads in Tarporley.  Unfortunately a number of roads are excluded from the scheme and some of these pass through significant housing developments where children and families walk along roads to and from school.  The proposal in its current form will also require a large number of 20mph signs to be erected, which is both costly and an eyesore.   For these reasons the Parish Council will ask CWaC for the whole of Tarporley to be included in the 20mph scheme with new signs only being erected to replace existing ones on the main routes into the village.

Best Kept Village

The benches and notice board around the “Best Kept Village” signs at the entrance to St Helens Church, and the benches in the cemetery are in a poor state of repair and need replacing.  Plaques on the existing benches will be transferred to the new benches or replaced with new ones, if necessary.  The word Tarporley or the Tarporley pear tree emblem will be inscribed on the benches.  The mound under the chestnut tree needs upgrading and refurbishing.  It is hoped that the costs will be met under a sponsorship agreement with local businesses.


The 25th carnival took place on Saturday the 8th of July and fortunately the weather was very kind to us.  The Parish Council would like to thank all those involved and particularly Rotary and 41 Club for organising it and staffing the beer tent and barbeque, everyone who took part in the spectacular parade, the Community Centre for hosting the event, the stall holders, Carnival Queens and attendants, entertainers and last but by no means least, the residents and businesses of Tarporley for supporting the event, thereby benefitting local charities and voluntary organisations.

Royal British Legion

The planning application for the Royal British Legion development has been conditionally approved.  The most notable conditions are twofold; firstly, the “gifting” of the bowling green, the new car park and the remaining allotments to Tarporley Parish Council for the use of residents in perpetuity.  The “gifting” will take the form of a legally binding transfer of ownership at zero cost, and secondly, the development must include 30% “affordable” housing.


Due to retirement there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. Any interested residents should contact Abbie or Delia, our parish clerks, at clerk@tarporley.org.uk