Alex aims to hit new heights

KELSALL’S Alex Staniforth’s next epic challenge is a little closer to home.

Alex has dedicated the last few years trying to climb the highest there is – Everest. But a number of factors conspired against him, including an avalanche and acute altitude sickness.
His next project “ClimbTheUK” will involve climbing to the highest point of all 100 counties in the United Kingdom in one push.

It will take him over 3,500 miles in approximately two months on foot and bike. The journey will be almost entirely human-powered barring a couple of ferries to the Orkney Isles.

CTUK is due to start on 8th May to coincide with Mental Health Week on Shining Tor in Cheshire. Alex said: “Sometimes we just have to start and find a way. My route will be open to anyone to join me, follow and be part of the journey. I want to inspire both the young and the wise; and those who haven’t tried.

“CTUK will raise as much as possible for Young Minds, the mental health charity. Mental illness affects people of all ages and sizes. Myself included. By engaging every corner of our home turf, we can put the message out there that mental illness is not a sign of weakness.”