Tarporley Parish Council

Dog Fouling

Winter months seem to lead to an increase in the amount of dog poo left on pavements around the village.  Perhaps it’s the poor weather or dark mornings/evenings that lead to people being tempted not to clean up after their pets.  Whatever the reason, if you are a dog owner please ensure that you do not leave your pet’s mess behind.  It’s simply anti-social and invariably ends up being trodden in by children who could risk contracting toxocariasis (which can lead to blindness) from it.

Due to the recent increase in fouling, the Parish Council has contacted the Dog Warden at Cheshire West and Chester Council and spot checks will be taking place over the coming weeks.  Please remember that it is illegal to not clear up after your dog and can result in a fine.

Considerate Parking

We know how difficult it is to find a parking space in Tarporley, however please note the following reminders about responsible parking:

‘H’ bars (white kerb side road markings, like an H with an elonagted cross-bar)

These markings are put in place to maintain vehicular or pedestrian access to a property or right of way.  Please do not be tempted to park on them.


Parking on Pavements

Pavements are intended for pedestrians so, before parking with two (or even all wheels) on the pavement, consider whether you will be causing an obstruction to a blind person (perhaps with a guide dog), wheelchair user, or someone with a pram or pushchair.  Causing an obstruction to the pavement can lead to a fixed penalty notice.


NatWest Bank Closure

NatWest has confirmed it will shut the doors on its High Street branch in Tarporley on 6th June as part of a raft of closures across the country, brought about because more and more customers now manage their finances online.  This will leave customers with a nine mile journey to the nearest branch which is impossible for some residents in the village.

The Parish Council has been lobbying the NatWest to reconsider the closure, has met with our local MP, Antoinette Sandbach, to discuss the matter, and has been actively promoting and collecting signatures for a the petition against the closure.

If you want to help to try to make the bank change its mind please sign the petition, go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dont-close-natwest-in-tarporley.


Tarporley Community Centre Car Park

3-hour parking restrictions came into force at Tarporley Community Centre’s car park on Monday 30th January.  Drivers will be entitled to park for 3 hours, with no return within one hour. The rules will be enforced Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 6 pm.  The new restrictions have led to a better turnover of vehicles meaning that visitors are now able to find a parking space more easily.  We hope that this will be a benefit to local businesses that have been suffering from a decline in custom as a result of Tarporley’s parking problems.  Meanwhile the Parish Council is working on a range of initiatives to try to improve parking capacity in the village.


What’s On in the Village

The Parish Council have been working to update the Tarporley website to include details of activities of clubs and organisations in the village.  If you want to find out more information about social or sporting activities taking place, please visit http://www.tarporley.org.uk/whats-on/clubs-organisations/.  If you are running an activity that’s not listed on the website, please e-mail Abigail at projects@tarporley.org.uk to include your details to the web page.