Tarporley Parish Council

Parish Council Precept

Each year the Parish Council has to submit its proposed precept to CWaC for inclusion with annual Council Tax demands for each household and, through their collection, receive the funds necessary to fulfil our responsibilities in the village, including making grants to various community bodies we choose to support. Our estimated budget for 2016/2017 is around £67,000 and this means we have proposed raising the precept by 2% to also help offset the reduced grant we will be receiving (and which CWaC plan to phase out over the next 3years). For the average Band D property, the new precept element on their Council Tax will amount to an annual charge of £46.06 (increased by 2% from £45.15). We are also proposing to CWaC that they end the collection of a separate Special Expense in Council Tax that helps fund our village Christmas Lights and that this amount (£4.50pa for a Band D property) is forthwith included in the percent for the Parish Council. This has no net affect in the total Council Tax charge but we believe will give us the opportunity to deliver better value for our Christmas lights by managing all the arrangements and funding ourselves. It does though mean that the proposed precept amount for a Band D property of £46.06 increases by a further £4.50 to £50.56 (with a corresponding reduction with removal of the Special Expense charge)

Overall these proposed adjustments to the Precept amount will still mean that it is less than £1 per week for a Band D property, which is a relatively small proportion of the Council Tax charge and especially so considering the responsibilities and activities managed for the benefit of the community. Looking forward, as Central Government and CWaC grant support reduces, we will undoubtedly face challenges to maintain and fund the services we cover. More significantly, we want to deliver major improvement projects for the community (like the Brook Road Sports & Recreation field) and try and resolve on-going parking and traffic management issues in the village, none of these of course are possible without us being successful in attracting additional funds from various bodies, sponsors and benefactors. The support and understanding of villagers is appreciated as we endeavour as a Parish Council to deliver services and improvements for community benefit.

Cheshire West and Chester Parking Consultation

The Parish Council has been notifed by Cheshire West and Chester Council that a 12-week Parking Consultation is currently taking place which closes on the 24th February.  The consultation relates to all parking related matters across the borough and a number of proposals are being consulted on as a result, including the introduction of parking charges in Tarporley.

There is a drop-in event taking place on Tuesday 24th January between 3pm and 7pm in Tarporley Community Centre where representatives of both Cheshire West and Chester Council and Tarporley Parish Council will be available to discuss this matter and raise any issues or concerns.  For further information relating to the Parking Consultation, and to submit your views via the online survey, please visit


for an executive summary of the strategy.



20mph Speed Audit

Following on from the recent Cheshire West and Chester 20 MPH speed audit in Tarporley, it was revealed that Brook Road had the highest percentage of speeding traffic compared with any other road in the village.  Over 45% of all vehicles travelling along Brook Road were going over 30 MPH and 20 % of that were going above 35 MPH.  The Parish Council are looking for extra volunteers to help with the speed management scheme so if you have a spare hour or two and would like to get involved, please email Abigail at projects@tarporley.org.uk.  The training for the scheme will take place in February.