Students glimpse the future

The school’s IT department welcomed Google through the doors to provide students with a glimpse of the school of the future.  Students and teachers experienced the use of virtual reality to experiment with a revolutionary form of learning, which aims to fully immerse the students in a variety of subject related scenarios such as travelling the world to walk around ‘Places of Worship’ as well as looking around the galaxy discovering the planets within it.

Most students took part in the national Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge. The following students have been invited to take part in a further challenge arranged by Oxford University in March that will see them take on the best computational minds in their age categories nationally.  They are said to be in the top 10% of the computationally minded students in the country.

Elite: James White
Senior:Harry Kift
Junior:Sebastian Powell, Peter Day, Mckenzie Hough, Charles Noble and Megan Davis

Intermediate: Amelia Ratledge, Taylor Lloyd, Miles Hilton, Leon Moorhouse, Tonia Mort, Charlotte Ratledge, Megan Lester, Oliver Cawrey, Jasmine Blain, Benjamin Healey, Abigail Whittingham, Jaymee-Lee Remelie Oliver Williams, Emily Roberts, Keir Williams, Jessica Edwards, Thomas Helsby, Eleanor Chang, Charlotte Ebbage, William Willetts