Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council

Much has happened since we last posted:

At the October PC Meeting we took a decision to embark on a journey towards adopting a ‘Neighbourhood Development Plan’, a document that will detail the strategy for the Parish and its future and will, hopefully, enable our voices to be heard when decisions on planning, development and infrastructure are being made at Borough and National levels. A Working Party has been established and is being led by Councillor Ian Priestner and residents of the parish and the Green Space Action Group will be involved.  The whole process will take around two years and at its completion we will have a NDP that will stand us in good stead for the next 15 – 20 years at least.  If you would like to get involved and have skills in project management, research and analysis, marketing and communications, plus much more, then please get in touch with Ian via the Feedback and Comments page on the Parish Website.

We would like to try and allay some fears of Utkinton residents over the proposed childrens’ playground on the school playing field.  Here too we have a Working Group comprising School, PTA and Parents, CWaC and the Parish Council but because it was a project without a home or even agreement in principle for what it might look like we omitted to consult with some of the closest neighbours. It is our intention to do so after the next Working Group meeting (Friday 14th October) and we will do so in a ‘round table discussion.

On the planning front there is no concrete news relating to the development of the Northgate field.  However, having spoken to the Planning Officer and the Housing team they are waiting for clarification of detail within arc4’s Housing Need Survey before they make a decision to move to the next step, or not. In addition CWaC’s ‘Tree Team’ have put up a report in the comments section of the application that suggests that the layout, in its current form, “At present this proposal would be in contravention of best practice, NPPF paragraph 17 and retained local planning policy NE9”.  Let us watch this space …

The other large project in its very early stages is the secure footway and cycleway between Utkinton and Tarporley (we haven’t forgotten Cotebrook but that is a much more difficult one to achieve!)  Thus far another working group have discussed the possible routes with the landowners and will be talking with any affected house owners to see if it is feasible prior to establishing whether it is viable and affordable.  Again we will keep you informed.

November 26th will see the Christmas Fayre at Cotebrook Village Hall AND the annual Quiz Night at Utkinton Village Hall – both events that prove to be highlights of the year.

Oh, we mustn’t forget that we are still seeking two councillors so if you believe that you would like to get involved in the future of our community please get in touch.

Francis Tunney

Chair – Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council



07860 917446