Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council

It’s still summer and, if you believe the press ‘the silly season’ …

In Utkinton the challenges brought on by the development of Northgate field continue and by the time you get to read this the opportunity to comment may well have come and gone.  Let us hope that common sense prevails. We certainly had a lively Extraordinary Parish Meeting with lots of views being aired, particularly over ‘housing need’. Perhaps we need a better way of managing expectations – the loss of the ‘Daffodil Field’ in Tarporley ought to be a warning to us all.

Our defibrillator has been installed at Rose Farm Shop – many thanks to John Johnson for allowing it to be located there and donating the labour and to Judith and Matthew Grant for providing it.  We are still looking for volunteers to be trained in its use as well as ‘first responders.

The discussions over the playground at Utkinton Primary School continue with CWaC seeking to champion our cause with the Diocese.

In and around the parish the hedgerows grow and are providing a haven for much wildlife yet they have to be maintained – as do our roads and CWaC do a reasonable job within the constraints of the ‘slings and arrows’ of outrageous funding cuts.  If you have a gripe about anything please use the CWaC ‘Smyle’ website (http://smyleforcheshirewest.co.uk/help) where you can report many facets of the things that might make life easier.

Talking of website and social media, the Parish ones are doing particularly well with an average of around 50 visitors a day half of whom are regular and the rest new visitors, much the same can be said of our Facebook page where the average article is reaching 50+ people.

We still need a Councillor for the Parish Council – please help us to help you keep the two villages as they should be.

Frank Tunney




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