Science and technology test

Twelve gifted and talented pupils from Years 8 & 9 visited Thornton Science Park near Ellesmere Port compete in a Science and Technology challenge day.

Pupils were split into groups of four and paired with pupils from a local school to encourage team building and leadership.

During the session pupils tackled activities designed to test problem solving in the workplace with marks being awarded for planning, team work and the finished product.

The activities included:

Programming a robot to follow a set of instructions (similar to the work NASA conducts with the Mars rover).

E-Fit – Pupils use police force software to recreate a facial image of a person they briefly saw during a staged robbery.

Design an electric motor vehicle using model kits and aim to record the fastest time across a set course.

Using medical examination data and dip stick analysis tests pupils were asked to determine the probable illness in a patient.

Tarporley pupils exceeded expectations in the vehicle challenge recording the fastest time of any vehicle on the day – under three seconds.

At the end of the Challenge Day six Tarporley pupils were recognised out of all students for their efforts and awarded certificates and plaques.