Battle to keep Home Fires burning

THERE has been a big backlash from loyal fans since ITV announced it would be axing the WW2 drama Home Fires. The drama is based in Cheshire and mainly filmed in Bunbury.

The online petition has now reached nearly 25,000 signatures and pots of jam have been sent to ITV in protest.

Articles written in support have appeared in the Sunday Telegraph & the Sunday Express, while Vanessa Feltz and Anne Diamond and the Wright Stuff have all featured the campaign.

The protesters are now lobbying potential channels/networks who may be able to take on the drama.

A blog has been written on the subject by Serendipity Kitty, who says: “We care about the characters and we care about the show. The thought of leaving them in suspended animation without their stories being told upsets me. The cast and crew are brilliant and there was easily a couple more series left in the programme. It is even one of the nominations in this year’s recently announced TV Choice awards. It doesn’t make sense.

“It’s like ITV have invited us to a brilliant party. We’ve had the canapes, we may have had a cheeky cocktail or two. Now we are ready to gear it up a bit and get into the swing. And then some killjoy turns on the lights, brusquely shouts “Time’s up, off you go!” and starts sweeping around your feet whilst you are still looking bewildered with a deflated party blower sticking out of your mouth and a half-eaten sausage roll in your hand. It’s rude.

“Despite numerous tweets, letters, emails, jars of jam and even media exposure, ITV have still not come out with any other excuse than “We need to refresh our portfolio”.

The Twitter campaign can be followed at #savehomefires and Kerryn Groves can be contacted via Twitter at @monkeykezza