Alex returns to the Himalayas

Alex Staniforth has announced details of his latest expedition.

The Kelsall adventurer was twice denied the chance to reach the summit of Everest after an avalanche in 2014 and the Nepal earthquake last year.

Now the 21-year-old will be jetting back to the Himalayas in late August in an attempt to climb Cho Oyu, in Tibet. At 8,201m (26,906ft) this monster is the 6th highest in the world.

Alex said: “This will be my third expedition on an 8,000m peak. When I’ve seen Cho Oyu from the Gokyo side, it has always grabbed my attention and drawn me in. So, I will be joining an expedition team led by Rolfe Oostra, departing on the 28th August and returning on 14th October.”

Alex added: “Not summiting Everest has given me new perspective, self-discovery, adventure and a vehicle for positive change, like raising over £35k for the Nepal earthquake victims.

“Although I haven’t summited Everest yet, I continue to overcome adversity, pursue a goal, and use this to inspire others… thanks to their help I can continue spreading that message.

“It gives me the best possible chance of getting into the death zone, and the future value of this experience is beyond anything else. But do I need to explain myself? It fulfils a spiritual need for adventure, challenge and living life to my best potential.”