Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council

Hello to all the Tarporley Talk readers – particularly those in the Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish.

We have some important things to talk about:

  • There has been a FOURTH application to build on a field adjacent to Northgate and John Street in the village – from a developer who has attempted before. This one is for ‘up to 22 houses’ (8 market and 14 ‘social rented’) and the details can be found under 16/01492/OUT on the CWaC planning page – this can be accessed via our website. Needless to say there will be strong feelings about this Outline Planning Application if villagers get there say.
  • The Parish Council hosted CWaC’s Highways team and it proved to be a feisty discussion with road maintenance, speed limits and the ways in which maintenance is managed being well and truly debated. If you wish to report (and the Parish Council would encourage you to do so) highway problems then please go to the CWaC pages and ‘Report a Highways Fault’ link and follow the instructions – the more who report, the better our chances of getting a result.
  • Playground – we have had a formal quote from a recognised supplier and also an offer of ‘pre-loved’ equipment from Bunbury and would love to get some sponsors and assistance with relocation and installation – please respond to our Clerk if you have any interest.
  • Parking on Big Field Lane – after much discussion and a local survey we have a tentative agreement from Weaver Valley Housing Trust to look at turning part of the grassed area at the bottom of Big Field Lane into car parking to reduce congestion – we are seeking help and support to do this.

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Frank Tunney

Chair – Utkinton And Cotebrook Parish Council



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