Charity begins at school

The Sixth Form Council have worked incredibly hard to raise money for their charity fund this year.  By harnessing their creative ideas, one of which was a ‘pub quiz’ organised by Tom Garnett and Will Ainsworth, staff teams were fiercely pitched against sixth formers, with first place resulting in a draw between the maths faculty and one of the sixth form teams. Other events were dress up/down Wednesday, cake sales, year 11 v sixth form football match and a raffle packed with fantastic prizes donated by local businesses. One of the highlights of the week had to be the waxing event, which saw Connor Jones Y12, Joe Smith Y13, Mr Stone and Mr Pryor enduring pain and distress so willingly inflicted by Mrs Everton! In addition, Alice Farnworth of Y13 raised more than £400 for Claire House when she very bravely agreed to have her head shaved by Jason from Tarporley Hair Boutique. Donations will be divided between local and national charities.

Pictured are Jason and Alice, Year 13 students dressed up and down and quiz masters Matty Davies and Tom Garnett surveying a hall full of contestants.

T Charity Week 2016 2