School’s digital detox

PUPILS were challenged to turn off their technology and do a week-long digital detox.
More than 1,000 pledged not to use social media or play computer games as part of an experiment on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Afternoon Edition programme.
This meant attempting to stay off Snapchat, Facebook and their favourite games while BBC Radio 5 live recorded the results and documented their experiences.
It’s thought to be the biggest ‘digital detox’ experiment ever involving young people and comes as concern about how much time school children spend gaming and on social media is growing.
BBC Radio 5 live and BBC News School Report asked the pupils to record video diaries and the school are conducting a survey during the week about the young people’s experiences.
Students were treated to a whole host of filming and recording opportunities with BBC Radio 5 Live broadcasting live from the school and BBC North West Tonight featuring the story.  Meanwhile budding bloggers Tom, Arianne and Niamh have been documenting the action and have had their article published on the BBC website alongside many students’ video diaries from the experiment.
In addition to this, Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones rang the school and spoke to Patrick, aged 15 about the project so he could feature the school on the BBC News website.
Ffion Eaton, assistant headteacher, said: “So far this experiment has given us all an exciting opportunity to reflect on the role that technology plays in our lives.”

Students Recording with Chris Warburton for Radio 5 Live: Students from left –  Henry, Daisy, Oscar and Jess.