Bunbury votes ‘yes’ to neighbourhood plan

The Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan referendum was held on 10th March with a massive majority in favour of the Plan. 446 voted YES and 17 voted NO, on a turnout of 43.76 %. This represents a majority of 96%.
The turnout was higher than the national average of 37.9% and the majority is higher the national average of 88%.
The parish council and the neighbourhood thanked the people of Bunbury, for their support during the construction of the plan and at the referendum. Several councillors and members of the group went to the count on the night and the result was greeted with a noisy response.
The plan will now be formally adopted by the local planning authority (Cheshire East Council) as part of their development plan and it will be ‘made’ (brought into legal force). Planning applications will still be determined by the local planning authority in the normal way but must now take into account the policies in our Neighbourhood Plan. The parish council will also use the Neighbourhood Plan policies when they are considering planning applications.
The parish council will monitor the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan and how its policies are applied to planning applications. This will help to ensure that momentum is not lost, and that the aspirations of the community are met. They will also decide when to formally review the plan in order to keep it up to date and relevant.

Some of the neighbourhood plan group: Jo Mundell, Tony Greco, Ron Pulford, Lucy Munro and Andrew Thomson