Alex relives Everest nightmare

Alex Staniforth is no ordinary 20-year-old…. as an endurance adventurer he has already experienced and achieved more than many will in a lifetime – attempting to climb the world’s highest mountains and scaling equally huge personal peaks in the process.
In 2015, Alex was caught up in a devastating avalanche on Mount Everest, narrowly cheating death during his second expedition to reach the summit. Described by intrepid explorer Bear Grylls as ‘a man determined to make his Everest dream a reality’, Alex recognises adversity is his greatest teacher. He is no stranger to such obstacles with Epilepsy, anxiety, depression, bullying and a confidence sapping stammer plaguing his school years. An affinity for outdoor challenges and making a difference became his way to fight back.
Alex’s quest for adventure remains as strong as ever and in a further exciting chapter in his life, the Kelsall explorer is about to release his first book, ‘Icefall’ – a compelling and absorbing story of a teenager on a mission to the top of the world.
Alex is now an inspirational speaker and ‘moves’ audiences of all ages by helping others build resilience and overcome their own personal challenges.
In 2014, his first expedition to Everest was aborted following a tragic avalanche above base camp. But realising obstacles were merely opportunities in disguise, Alex then created the EPIC7 project, a series of ultra-endurance challenges to prepare himself further for a second attempt – becoming the first person to complete the National 3 Peaks Cycle challenge solo (440 miles cycling and climbing the three highest UK peaks in four days).
In 2015 he returned to the world’s highest peak and stared death in the face when a huge earthquake struck Nepal and triggered avalanches which sadly took the lives of three of his team. Almost a year on from the tragedy, Alex relives the nightmare through his book, capturing the horror, heartbreak and his hopes for the future.
So far he has raised over £34,000 for charity, climbed Mont Blanc and attempted a world record attempt on a 7,000m Himalayan peak. He is an ambassador for four organisations including The Westgrove Group and Chester Business Club. Alex wants the world to know his unique story and understand how no mountain is too high to overcome.
Icefall has an RRP of £12.99 and will be available from Amazon. Alex is donating some of the proceeds to a charity helping earthquake victims in Nepal.

Pictured: Alex at Everest base camp

Photo credit: Nadia Fortune Photography