Bunbury referendum date

We’ve heard about the EU referendum – but first it’s Bunbury’s turn!
The Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan – Referendum Day is Thursday 10th March.
It gives Bunbury residents the chance to vote on the plan. The question asked will be ‘Do you want Cheshire East Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Bunbury to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood area?’
In order for the plan to succeed and become what is known as a ‘Made Plan,’ over half of those voting must vote ‘yes’.
What’s the plan for, what does it do? The plan allows for small scale development on suitable sites on the edge of the current village boundary and it has already been used to prevent large scale development in the village. Some developers have changed their plans in order to comply with the plan, resulting in smaller developments being proposed.
Why do we have to have any new houses at all? Cheshire East Council has allocated a number of new houses to all its villages and these must be built to comply with the Council’s developing Local Plan. This is the only way that house building can be controlled and our Neighbourhood Plan would become an integral part of the process.
A group of Parish Councillors and residents began work on the plan in July 2014. Following lengthy consultation with Bunbury residents it was adopted and approved by the Parish Council in August 2015. It was then sent to Cheshire East Council who conducted a further period of consultation before sending it to an Independent Examiner. The final version of the plan is now on our website (www.bunburynpg.org) and on the Cheshire East website. This version contains some amendments that were recommended by the Examiner and a table of these can also be found on the plan website.
The referendum is the last stage of the plan process and we need your help to make it succeed. If you are eligible to vote in local elections you will be able to vote at the Referendum. There are 1076 electors in Bunbury and The Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group would like to see every one of them turn out and vote ‘YES.’
Our message throughout all the stages of developing the plan has always been positive but it would be remiss if we didn’t point out what would happen if the plan does not receive the support of voters. If the plan fails it will immediately cease to have any effect on planning and developers will be able to apply to build where, when and how many houses they choose. Don’t let this happen to Bunbury. You can cast your vote at the Polling Station, at Jubilee Playing Fields Pavilion between 7am and 10pm.