Skincare questions answered

Q. What can I do about the dark circles under my eyes?
A. This is a question that we are frequently asked. The skin around the eye area is very delicate and can quickly become affected by internal and external factors. Dark circles can be inherited, but if they have just started to appear look at factors that may have contributed to them such as lack of sleep and allergies.
In Chinese medicine the area under the eye is associated with the kidneys, so if you have puffiness as well as dark circles consider reducing the sodium content in your diet and increase your water consumption.  Applying cold compresses or cold cucumber slices for around fifteen minutes can help with dark circles. We also recommend a light concealer for the area and Total Eye Care which has small light reflective particles to help improve the appearance of the skin.

Q. My skin feels slightly rough for a few days after my skin needling (dermal rolling). Is this normal?
A. The process of dermal rolling or skin needling involves microscopic pin prick wounds to the skin to encourage collagen production to produce a more youthful skin tone. The slight roughness you are experience is a ‘micro crusting’ and is a normal part of skin healing. You need to treat the skin very gently during this period until the skin has returned to normal. This includes avoiding any exfoliation products in the treated area and the application of an unscented, soothing balm such as Barrier Repair.


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Angela Bartlett is a highly qualified Advanced Aesthetician with almost 30 years of experience in the beauty and holistic industries. She is a Director and Past Chairman for BABTAC and CIBTAC. Her expertise is called upon to examine nationally and Internationally and to judge competitions such as Young Make-up Artist of the Year Award at Clothes Show, London.
She is also a regular contributor to a variety of consumer magazines and trade journals in the health and beauty sectors. Angela has a beauty, grooming and wellbeing clinic at the Wild Boar Hotel, near Tarporley where she works with her team of Therapists.
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