Tattenhall Rainbows celebrate Girl Power

It is not every day that five–seven-year-olds get to be surgeons, radiographers, nurses, midwives and scientists for the day but that is exactly what 1st Tattenhall Rainbows got to do when they were selected to attend a celebration, going behind the scenes at Liverpool Women’s hospital.

From the entire North West region, three Rainbow units were selected to attend the special event with Tattenhall Rainbows being lucky enough to be invited along. The event was held to celebrate United Nations ‘International Day of the girl’ which aimed to promote the message that, in the 21st century, girls could do anything including a huge range of careers as well as have children and raise a family.

Exclusive access was given to the Rainbows who took part in such a huge range of activities such as visiting the research lab to be scientists, where they looked though microscopes, carried out experiments and studied how germs were spread. They also got to be nurses and take blood pressure, temperatures and bandage ‘patients’ as well as dressing up as surgeons to carry out an ‘operation’. A visit to the neonatal ward was also on the day’s timetable where the rainbows saw a 3lb baby and learnt all about the incubators and special equipment that help keep babies healthy. However the highlight for many was a visit to Ultrasound where they saw a radiographer carry out a scan on an expectant mummy and actually saw a 28 week old baby wriggling inside her tummy! For the first time ever, the Rainbows were speechless!

The day proved extremely inspiring for all with many Rainbows later telling their parents that they wanted to be doctors, nurses, surgeons or midwives when they grew up. There were also a few budding scientists returning to Tattenhall that day, declaring that ‘Scientists are so cool’. The message that ‘girls can do anything’ is definitely being heard loud and clear in Tattenhall!