Cheshire Police Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter   November 2014

Western Rural Police Team

Message from Insp Keith Curbishley

After all the pressures that the summer holiday places on the police service, my mind is now focusing onto the next round of seasonal events which are approaching, and the usual demands that they place on our local officers. ‘Mischief night’ or ‘Halloween’ as it is increasingly known as, has grown and taken on quite a commercial basis in recent years. In hand with this development, local officers have developed new strategies to help manage new patterns of behaviour. Last year, window stickers were made available for residents to display in their windows if they did not want ‘trick or treaters’ to call and schools advised pupils to respect these. Please look out for this year’s measures on offer.

Following on from this will be bonfire night. Police have worked closely with local shopkeepers to control the number of fireworks which fall into the hands of irresponsible youngsters. If you spot any irresponsible firework sales in the run up, please notify your local officer.

Local news for Tarporley

  • Parking issues were reported on Park Road when an elderly, visually impaired pedestrian struggled to get past a vehicle parked on the pavement. The individual was understandably reluctant to step onto the road and nor should they have to. We understand that the majority of Park Road is extremely narrow, however please consider whether pedestrians with pushchairs or wheelchairs can safely pass on the pavement by your parked vehicle.
  • Youths were reported playing football near the health centre on Park Road, which raised concerns as the windows of the health centre have been broken by footballs in the past. The youths were advised by the local PCSO of more appropriate locations to enjoy their match. We have also been made aware of several youths smoking cannabis behind the health centre. When patrols arrived there was no trace of the individuals, however the area will continue to be closely monitored.
  • A property on Eaton Lane in Eaton was broken into whilst the occupants were away on holiday. Please remember to ask any trusted neighbours to keep a close eye on your property if you are going away this Autumn. The progressively shorter daylight hours can make it easier for burglars to enter a property undetected. Consider the installation of security lighting to deter any potential offenders.
  • A quad bike was stolen from a farm in Darnhall on 23rd September. We have had several reported thefts of quad bikes in the local area this month. Please remember to secure any outbuildings where valuable bikes/quad bikes/machinery may be stored.

PC 4207 Ged Gigg & PCSO 7461 Adam Miscikas
Dragon Hall Police Station
01606 362695
You said, we did

  • You said:

“Cars are continuously speeding through the 40mph section of Eaton Road, Eaton as they enter into the village.”

We did:

The local PCSO has deployed the Speed Indicator Device on several occasions and issued warning letters to motorists who were recorded as speeding. It was documented that approximately 20% of vehicles are speeding down this particular stretch of road. In response to this figure, PC Gigg has deployed the speed gun further up the road to issue tickets to speeding motorists.


  • You said:

“Many of the vehicles parked outside Eaton Primary School are causing an obstruction.”

We did:

The local PCSO has been to assess the situation and has taken photographs to evidence how busy that particular section of road gets. He is currently liaising with highways to look for measures to help reduce congestion around the school.


  • You said:

“Youths have been congregating in the car park of the community centre, intimidating many passers-by.”

We did:

PC Gigg has increased the level of patrolling around the community centre in order to deter the youths from congregating there. No further issues have been reported since.


Local meetings

  • Tarporley Parish Council Meeting (Tarporley Community Centre):Monday 10th November 2014 at 7pm