Police report October 2014

Police have been conducting speed watch work in Oscroft and Duddon to target motorists breaking the 30mph limit.

Other police activities over the past month include:

  • Officers have visited the Woodland walk, in Tarvin, where people have been leaving a mess and advising them about their behaviour.
  • The police and community support officer have been asked to deal with speeding motoristsnear the old Red Lion pub, in Eaton
  • They have recorded vehicle speeds using the ‘smiley’ speed indicator device, which concluded that speeding is indeed an issue. Plans to take a more robust approach by utilising the speed gun are currently being put in place.
  • Dogs have been reported as frequently being allowed to roam at loose and act aggressively towards other dogs on the Duddon Common. The owner of the dogs has been spoken to and advised to keep the dogs on leads to avoid any potential altercations.A male was reported attempting to open car doors on Hunters Drive in Tarvin. There was no trace of the males when police arrived and fortunately all of the vehicles were kept secure.
  • A theft from a white transit van was reported in Clotton. The incident is currently under investigation.
  • CAR racing has been reported on Knights Lane in Utkinton, with residents stating that it is becoming a regular occurrence. Local officers have increased their patrolling in this area in response to this issue.
  • A quad bike was stolen from a farm in Wettenhall on the 6th August. Unfortunately, occurrences such as this are not uncommon so please strive to remain vigilant and adhere to crime prevention advice, such as the installation of motion-activated security lights to startle potential offenders.
  • A burglary has occurred in a property on Oulton Mill Lane, Cotebrook while the occupant was away on holiday. Please remember to make your property appear occupied if you are going away, by asking a trusted neighbour to remove any post from view and opening and closing curtains when appropriate.
  • It is believed that a puppy was stolen from a farm in Kelsall. Although occurrences such as this are relatively uncommon, we request that you remain vigilant and report suspicious individuals that cause you any concern.