Police report Sept 2014

Message from Inspector Keith Curbishley

The school holidays are now over and the holiday tans will probably be fading already! I do hope that you took on board some of the security advice that I have been encouraging and that you returned from your holidays to find your homes secure and intact. Please remember to check your credit card and bank card statements carefully – retailers in some parts of the world may be prepared to take advantage of foreign visitors. Please also check your email and post to make sure that there are no unauthorised purchases or credit applications by anyone trying to use your identity while you have been away.

Over the summer, local officers have assisted in the development of several community schemes for young people, such as the sports and crafts event at Tattenhall.  Events such as this are created not only to divert young people away from becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, but to also give local officers the opportunity to engage and interact with them to develop positive relationships. If you are aware of any other initiatives in your area which you believe may benefit from the attendance of a local officer, please contact your local police station.

It is a sad fact that fatalities on our roads are too regular an occurrence. Local officers are out as much as possible, carrying out pro-active road safety work. This work is about trying to reduce the heartache caused to friends and family of these victims as well as reducing the financial and time disruption to other road users that such incidents create. Please focus on your own driving characteristics when you see officers carrying out such work. Officers are not there to persecute innocent motorists!

Local priorities for October 2014

Despite the fact that police have arrested offenders following a couple of spates of burglaries in the area, there are still other burglars out there! Whilst officers are working hard to identify and detain them, we are very reliant on you, members of the public taking effective security measures and also reporting any suspicious activity as soon as possible and obtaining as much information about the suspicious people as possible.


Road Safety;
Local PCSO’s and officers are tasked with identifying and targeting those areas subject to most speeding and incidents of dangerous driving. Please contact your local officer and let them know of any concerns.


The school holidays are now over and the kids have returned to school. There have been relatively few reported incidents of antisocial behaviour over the holiday period. Please continue to notify your local officer of any emerging problems, so that they can be tackled before they escalate.
Local news for Tarporley

  1. A quad bike was stolen from a farm in Wettenhall on the 6th August. Unfortunately, occurrences such as this are not uncommon so please strive to remain vigilant and adhere to crime prevention advice, such as the installation of motion-activated security lights to startle potential offenders.
  2. A burglary has occurred in a property on Oulton Mill Lane, Cotebrook while the occupant was away on holiday. Please remember to make your property appear occupied if you are going away, by asking a trusted neighbour to remove any post from view and opening and closing curtains when appropriate.
  3. Dogs have been reported frequently roaming at loose and acting aggressively towards other dogs on the Duddon Common. The owner of the dogs has been spoken to and advised to keep the dogs on leads to avoid any potential altercations.
  4. A male was reported attempting to open car doors on Hunters Drive in Tarvin. There was no trace of the males when police arrived and fortunately all of the vehicles had been made secure.
  5. The theft of a white transit van was reported in Clotton. The incident is currently under investigation.
  6. It is believed that a puppy was stolen from a farm in Kelsall. Although occurrences such as this are relatively uncommon, we request that you remain vigilant and report suspicious individuals that cause you any concern.


PC 4207 Ged Gigg & PCSO Adam Miscikas
Dragon Hall Police Station
01606 362694
You said we did

  1. You said:

“Motorists have been speeding in Eaton, near the old Red Lion pub.”

We did:

The local PC and PCSO have been to the location to record vehicle speeds using the ‘smiley’ speed indicator device, which concluded that speeding is indeed an issue. Plans to take a more robust approach by utilising the speed gun are currently being put in place.


  1. You said:

“Vehicles are racing up and down Knights Lane in Utkinton. It is becoming a regular occurrence”
We did:

Anti-social behaviour such as this will not be tolerated as it can disrupt many residents’ daily lives. Local officers have increased their patrolling in this area in response to this issue.


Local meetings

  • Tarporley Parish Council Meeting: Monday 13th October