Tarporley High commemorates Great War

Tarporley High School commemorated the centennial anniversary since the start of World War One with themed lessons and learning.
There were activities in lessons across all years.  In MFL, students watched a film (that was spoken in several different languages) which retold the story of the Christmas Truce.  The soldiers sung carols and hymns together on Christmas Eve, then played football the following day. This event was re-enacted in PE lessons.
In Music there were wartime songs that were composed to keep up morale and Mrs Grimshaw gave a personal account of the war about her Great Uncle Tom Mottershead who was awarded the VC for his bravery.
In History, the year 8s learnt about the nature of trench warfare through the means of an active learning task in which they created their own trenches and threw paper balls at the opposing side.  Some students choose to stay in their trenches only to learn that in reality this would have been resulted in them being shot at dawn for cowardice.
All years were involved in this week and in A-level Psychology, students examined the effects of shell shock and were able to have a meaningful debate in which students from both History and Psychology groups discussed the stigma of mental illness.
Students in Science explored the key discoveries and advancements that were made during the war.  In English students wrote letters about the war for an unknown soldier inspired by the statue of a soldier a Paddington Street station in London.  There will be a National Archive for this and a selection of letters will be sent from Tarporley students.
Students were given opportunity outside of lessons to further develop their knowledge.  In the Year 8 Curriculum challenge students were asked to create a memory box for someone who would have fought in the war.  Jacob Dale explained the interrogation methods used in the war.  An inter-tutor quiz was carried out by our gifted and talented students as well.
All of the students recognised that although they had fun during the week, the main reason behind it was to remember those who fought and lost their lives during the Great War, 1914-1918.

Written by Daisy King (Year 9), Charlotte Grundy (Year 11) and Megan Latham (Year 11)