Bunbury Scouts and Guides take a hike

Five intrepid pairs of Bunbury Scouts and Guides walked and camped in the tough Cheshire Hike.

Toby Moss and Thomas Adkins (Intermediate), Luke Williams and Ed Harris (Junior) represented Bunbury Scouts. Annabelle Moss and Charlotte Munson (Senior), Hope Dewson-Smyth and Charlotte Williams (Intermediate), Emily Pape and Becky Edwards (Intermediate) represented Bunbury Guides

There were over 300 teams that started the Cheshire Hike this year, walking distances of at least 30Km (Junior) up to 58Km (Senior). All our teams did really well and completed the two-day hike.

One team member said: “I found the practice hikes a challenge and seemed to always get lost! However, when it came to the real thing, all the training and skills came together – we managed to plot co-ordinates, take bearings and therefore read the map, completing the 30km hike without getting lost once!! It was hard carrying everything you needed for the whole weekend on your back, but we had a laugh along the way and made a few new friends from other Scout groups. It was definitely the hardest thing I have ever done, and it felt great to finish the hike.”

“Throughout the two days in which we did the Cheshire Hike we had lots of fun plotting, walking, cooking and camping (as well as eating a lot of sweets). During the training we learnt many new skills including map reading, which used to seem impossible to me. The challenges found on the walk varied from the phonetic alphabet to moving shredded wheat with straws, testing our new skills. We walked a total of 27 miles (45km) with 9.5 kg to carry. Although it was difficult we both want to do it again next year.”

If anyone is interested in doing the 49th Cheshire Hike in 2015, please contact Ian Adkins, 07712 775398.

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