Lifesaving defibrillators in Tattenhall

The Tattenhall Community First Responders have recently installed their fourth defibrillator in Tattenhall at The Studio in Worley Court where they have been running British Heart Foundation Heartstart training since September 2012.

During this time they have trained 181 people and raised over £1200. The money is then reinvested in the community with the purchase of the defibrillators which have been installed at Budgens, The Pheasant, Tattenhall Recreation Club at The Flacca, The Studio, Worley Court, with a fifth one due to go into The Barbour Institute.

At least two attendees on the courses have had to use the skills they learned for real – one just three days after being on the course. She said that the training had given her the confidence to deal with the situation and that everyone should go on the course as they never knew when they would need the skills.

The Heartstart programme trains people in the following skills:

  • assessing an unconscious patient
  • performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • dealing with choking
  • dealing with serious bleeding
  • helping someone who may be having a heart attack.

Knowing what to do when someone has a cardiac arrest is important. If you can do CPR you can buy the time needed for professional help to arrive and save the life of your loved one. Being able to do CPR more than doubles their chance of survival.

The Heartstart course is designed to follow the current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines.

The next courses are 12th July, 13th September and 8th November

Although the training is provided free of charge, any donations to Tattenhall Community First Responders are gratefully received and used to support the continuing work of this valuable community asset.

There is also a fundraising event – Poppies Picnic at The Flacca on Monday 14th July, 1-3pm. Dress in red – tickets £5 from The Studio.

Please contact Jill on 01829 771895 if you would like to book on the next available course or Rob Selby on 01829 770586 if you would like to know more about first responders and what they do.

Tattenhall fete first responders

Peter Radley and Jenn Armitage, from Tattenhall First Responders, performing first aid on ‘Annie’ the dummy at the Tattenhall fete.