Tarporley Parish Council noticeboard

People booked on the Rising Sun Car Park.

There has been a change in how parking is enforced in Tarporley. Since November 2013, our local Council CWaC have taken over parking enforcement from Cheshire Police in the former Vale Royal area, to bring this area into align with the rest of the Borough. Now CWaC employees, known as Civil Enforcement Officers, issue parking tickets in our public car parks (e.g. at the Community Centre and behind the Rising Sun) as well as along our roads.

They will issue tickets to people who have parked in unmarked areas, such along the hedge on the north side of the Rising Sun car park. In the car parks, please only park our car within the marked bays; don’t park across two bays and in unmarked areas, even though you may not be causing an obstruction by doing so. More details about Civil Parking Enforcement, and how to appeal against parking fine, can be found on the CWaC web site. Please note that Cheshire Police will, book you if you park in such a way that you are causing an obstruction on the highway and on the pavement, such as along Park Road by the doctors’ surgery, and the area either side of the pelican crossing on the High Street, on and between the white hatched markings.


Would you consider becoming a Community First Responder in Tarporley?
Community First Responders (CFR’s) are volunteers who are trained and equipped by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and respond to certain 999 emergency calls in the local area. Being local, CFR’s can be on scene before an ambulance or rapid response vehicle arrives, thus saving vital seconds.  For every minute’s delay in getting defibrillation to a person in cardiac arrest, their survival chances are reduced by 10%. Responders are accredited by NWAS to deliver basic life support (CPR and Defibrillation), administer oxygen, give first aid and provide support and re-assurance before the paramedics arrive. We are called out to emergencies, including; Cardiac and Respiratory arrest, Stroke, Diabetic incidents, choking and bleeds, along with a range of other medical emergencies. We are also trained to deliver the British Heart Foundation’s “Heartstart” course in basic life support skills as well as defibrillator familiarisation training.
At present Tarporley has only one responder and as the village is expanding, more are needed to cover Tarporley and the surrounding area.  If you would be interested in becoming a Community First Responder please contact Councillor Jeremy Mills on 01829 730898 for further information.

A Reminder

Following a complaint about bins and recycling boxes being left on the pavement for several days after they have been emptied on a Monday – please remember to collect them on the same day from the pavement and return them to your property. Thank you.


Prompting Reporting to the Police

Our local police are asking us to report immediately, via 999, if you see any young people on the Primary School premises and playing fields after school hours, even if they don’t appear to be doing any harm. The Police want to stop this practice before any serious incidents occur.


Tarporley Carnival – celebrating 20 years

Thanks to the hard work of local volunteers, from Round Table and Rotary , this event is taking place on Saturday July 12th with the parade along the High Street (starting at 12.30 pm) followed by the main event on the field behind the Community Centre. Please come and see us at the Parish Council stall and see the progress made towards producing our Neighbourhood Plan.