Graduates remember Richard on charity walk

TWELVE graduates from the University of Sheffield will be walking 63 miles from Sheffield to Tarporley in 24 hours on the weekend of 14th June to mark the first anniversary of the death of fellow student and friend, Richard Pover, aged just 21.
Richard, a former Tarporley High School pupil was in the third year of an MEng in Mechanical  Engineering at the University of Sheffield when he was diagnosed with cancer. Despite gruelling chemotherapy treatments and 3 major operations, it was not possible to cure him and he died on 13th June 2013 after a 19 month illness.
The students all shared a flat in their first year at university and became firm friends. By strange coincidence there is a dedicated cancer hospital in the University of Sheffield student area, which was about five minutes walk from Richard’s student house and where he began his treatment in a Teenage Cancer Trust Unit. The initial idea was to bring him back to a unit nearer to home but the enormous benefit to Richard’s wellbeing of keeping him near his friends was soon recognised and he remained at the hospital in Sheffield.
The Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for young cancer patients aged 16-24. Young people can get some of the rarest and aggressive forms of cancer, as Richard did. Every day in the UK seven teenagers will face the devastating diagnosis, with 313 deaths occurring each year. One minute life is about music, clothes, computer games, university and hanging out with mates. The next minute life is on hold and they’re facing a hospital ward with no-one their age.
However, Teenage Cancer Trust are a charity that understand young people aged between 16 and 24 need a hospital environment suited to their needs and comforts. They build and run hospital wards to reflect this, filled with light, sofas, televisions and areas away from the typical medical environment.
Richard’s mum Ann said: “Having seen the fantastic work this charity does first-hand in Sheffield, the students decided that this would be the charity that they would support in Richard’s memory. It will be quite a challenge to walk 63 miles in 24 hours.”
Main organiser Steve Peet says: “If it’s worth doing it’s got to hurt. We will feel that we are supporting Richard by doing this and no matter how much hurts, it will be nothing compared to what Richard endured. Richard inspired us all with his bravery and positive attitude throughout his illness. He was a true friend and is greatly missed by everyone who knew him.”
Anyone wishing to donate can do so by visiting the link below: Pover 2